Saint Smoked Salmon

The Story

Strictly using natural, fresh and sustainable raw materials, St. James Smokehouse are producers of award winning Scotch Reserve Smoked Salmon which is freshly hand-crafted in their traditional smokehouses located in the Royal Burgh of Annan.

St. James commissioned us to build a sister identity around two new product offerings with the goal of growing international sales.

We opted for a category breaking approach, moving away from the traditional look in this highly competitive market.  

The brand marque adds an air of luxurious understatement with its use of negative space. By limiting the colour palette to blacks, off-whites and copper we retained the premium feel whilst positioning the identity as contemporary and minimalist. 

Research in to the traditional methods used in the smokehouse uncovered the intricate arrangement of holes present in the 'smoking plates.'  We took inspiration from these plates, replicating the holes as windows within the packaging, showcasing the high quality product within.